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Some tracking systems, referred to as ability-grouping systems , assign students to different classes based on their perceived ability in that subject. Still other tracking systems are called leveling systems —students, at least ostensibly, study the same curriculum, but they may need to first pass prerequisite courses (., pre-algebra, pre-biology) or take the same course for a longer period. In a leveling system, a course might be taught to both high-achieving 8th graders and lower-achieving 10th graders. Or a course offered to most students in one period per day might be offered to students deemed "lower achievers" for two periods a day. Whatever the course's title or structure, grouping some students together and requiring them to take that course apart from other students is a form of tracking (Oakes, 2005).

Various - Trak 1 / IQ / Swan SongVarious - Trak 1 / IQ / Swan SongVarious - Trak 1 / IQ / Swan SongVarious - Trak 1 / IQ / Swan Song