The mark sparkles - rage blackouts - Could eating rare steak give you road rage? Parasitic bug.

Besides being fun and entertaining, it can help you interact with your environment and people. By gauging someone's mood you can react accordingly. When reading auras you can create the most emotionally beneficial situation and produce desired outcomes almost every time you interact with others. A person can lie, but an aura cannot. In a way, it is a changing spiritual fingerprint. There are stable bases, and then other levels that fluctuate depending on mood. Auras reveal intent and cannot be faked. Everyone has one, but some are dull or weak. Undeveloped consciousness will weaken an aura. Having lower vibration emotions such as fear, envy, hatred, jealousy, and other similar emotions will also lessen the aura field. Reading auras can also help heal, at times even diagnose problems or sickness in the body long before physical symptoms have even appeared. By controlling your own aura you can also heal yourself. But the best benefit comes from gaining awareness about nature, spiritual enlightenment, and development as well as higher vibration consciousness, raising our frequencies to that of spirituality, love, trust, compassion, honesty, integrity, and the capacity of being non-judgmental.

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The Mark Sparkles - Rage BlackoutsThe Mark Sparkles - Rage BlackoutsThe Mark Sparkles - Rage BlackoutsThe Mark Sparkles - Rage Blackouts